Teaching the Regions of the United States

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When I was a child, I hated geography. Trying to memorize the names and locations of hundreds of continents, countries, counties, states, and provinces all over the world frustrated me. Now that I’m charged with teaching Geography to my children, I’m determined to make it a pleasant experience for both teacher and student.

This year my fourth grader is studying the United States region by region. As she studies each of the 8 regions, she completes a variety of activities. As part of her regional exploration, she must complete an in depth study of one state from each region.

How can you effectively teach such a wide range of information? Teaching United States geography can be a daunting task, so I’m sharing teaching tips that can help you organize your thoughts and plan your course of study. For more information, head over to Christian Homeschool Moms and read my guest post, Teaching the Regions of the United States.

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