Reflecting Upon a Massacre

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It’s early and I am up. Each weekday morning, I get up early before my husband and my three girls, so I can enjoy a personal quiet time of prayer and Bible reading. After that, I use the remaining time to work on my personal projects like writing and lesson planning. Most of the time I’m able to accomplish Continue Reading…

Blueberry Raspberry Greek Yogurt Popsicles

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As I type this post, we’re in the midst of a heat wave. For the past three days, temperatures have been in the mid 90s and the humidity has been disgustingly thick. In spite of the heat and humidity, my girlies insist on hanging out outside. And because I don’t want to discourage physical activity, I allow Continue Reading…

Homeschool Math Resources

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Math Resources

Math is a subject we sometimes struggle with in our homeschool. It is the least favorite subject of my older two children and it is a subject I don’t always enjoy teaching. I can tell I’m not the only homeschool mom facing math dilemmas because the math posts here at Embracing Him are visited quite Continue Reading…

Bent But Blossoming

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Bent Blossoming Tree

This is a picture of my neighbor’s tree. I think it’s the most interesting sight on the block. Can you see why I think so? Look at the trunk. I’m not sure how the tree ended up this way, leaning at such an odd angle, but the tree is thriving. Every spring it displays beautiful Continue Reading…