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First Trauma, Then Resurrection

On this Good Friday, I’m reminded of something I heard on the radio earlier this week. God often uses trauma to prepare us for resurrection. First trauma, then resurrection. These words certainly apply to Christ’s excruciating death on the cross and His amazing triumph over the grave, but did you know these words can also apply to our own unique personal situations?

God often uses trauma to prepare us for resurrection. First trauma, then resurrection. Those statements resonated with me all week long. I know it is because I’m in the midst of painful season of fear, disappointment, anxiety, and uncertainty. At some point in our lives, we all find ourselves in this place.

Though our traumatic circumstances pale in comparison to Christ’s suffering on the cross as He took the world’s sin upon Himself, we still experience times of physical and/or emotional trauma. When trauma overtakes us, we often wonder why God has allowed such to happen. Here’s the reason: God often uses trauma to prepare us for resurrection. First trauma, then resurrection.

Consider my experience at the Wednesday night Bible study I attended this week.  After the awesome Bible lesson, the pastor asked students to take some time to pray with those seated at our table. We each lifted our requests to Lord and then prayed together as a group. A woman at our table, whom I will call Sally, asked us to pray for her husband’s aching back and that he would be well enough to continue to serve beside her in church ministry.

After we prayed, I asked Sally where she and her husband were serving. She explained that they were leaders of the church’s drug and alcohol addiction support group. She described her love for this ministry and noted that she was excited to lead it because her own son is waging a battle against drug addiction.

Sally shared a few details about her son’s battle and as she spoke I could see the pain in her face and hear the anguish in her voice. It was obvious that watching her son battle his addiction and trying to help him overcome it was a traumatic experience for her. But, Sally noted, “God is using my pain to bless others and I’m growing too! We can help them because we understand their pain.” 

Sally is hurting, but God is using that experience to raise her up as a better woman. God often uses trauma to prepare us for resurrection. First trauma, then resurrection.

Here’s what we need to remember. God has a specific purpose in mind every single time He permits us to experience trauma.  If we lean on Him as we struggle, we can experience growth, cleansing, and a deeper relationship with Him. And when He gives us the strength to overcome, we rise up as fresh and new individuals, empowered through Him!

I can recount many times God has used a traumatic situation to resurrect me and I suspect you could do the same. Like me, are you going through right now? Are you buried in fear, sadness, worry, or some other trauma? Hold on my friend, hold on! Even though things may look bad, it’s still a Good Friday! Resurrection is coming! As you persevere, take your burdens to God. Pray, even when it hurts to do so. In due time God will resurrect you and you’ll be equipped.

You’re buried now, but you’ll rise later! What is He raising you to do?

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