Security Blanket

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5)

Sugar Plum has a very special blanket. When it was given to her several years ago, it was white with an array of pastel colored hearts. In order for her to sleep soundly, Sugar Plum had to have her beloved heart blanket beside her in bed. No other blanket would suffice. Over the past few years it has become tattered and worn, but Sugar Plum’s heart blanket is still special to her.

I recall one morning several years ago when Sugar Plum and her blanket were separated from one another. That morning I had washed the girls’ bedding and that evening as I prepared to put Sugar Plum to bed, I realized I had not transferred the morning laundry over to the dryer. This meant Sugar Plum’s precious blanket was still wet and would not be ready by bedtime.

Though I knew my offer would be rejected, I volunteered a similarly colored and similarly sized blanket. Sugar Plum would not accept it and started to cry. After she calmed down, I explained that her blanket was drying and that she could have it the next day. That explanation was not sufficient for her. She only wanted the heart blanket and decided she would wait for it to dry.

Sugar Plum had endured a long day and I knew she was tired. But rather than retire peacefully with a different blanket, she fought sleep and insisted upon waiting for me to bring her security blanket. Each time I slipped into her room to check on her, I found her wide awake and whining impatiently. Unfortunately Sugar Plum was giving up much needed rest because she thought she needed to hold onto that blanket!

Isn’t that how we can be? So eager to hold onto the things we think will bring us security! Perhaps we have missed a blessing or two simply because we refused to let go of something we thought would bring us security, comfort, or stability.

When we cling to things other than God, we show that we do not trust Him to provide for our needs. This lack of trust can prevent us from experiencing the many things God has in store for us. How can we live the full lives God has intended us to live, if we don’t lean on Him? Simply put, we can’t.

Sooner or later we learn that our spouses, best friends, children, jobs, and material possessions cannot give us the security we seek. Placing full dependence on anything else but God leaves us disappointed and unfulfilled. In addition, it doesn’t leave us free to embrace God, the only one who can meet ALL of our needs.

As this new week begins, I encourage you to join me in taking a careful look at what you’re grasping. Let’s make sure we’re seeking security in God. Let’s remember that only God can completely meet our needs. Let’s lean on Him alone. If our trust lies elsewhere, let’s redirect our focus and embrace Him!


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