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Family is our first and most important priority! This means we take care of the people living in our own home before we attempt to provide for anyone else. We made this a priority while attending premarital counseling and since our wedding day, we have continued to do so. We believe our family has been blessed because of our commitment to one another.

Neither of us my husband or I leave to serve in a church ministry, head over to Bible study/prayer meeting, or step out to spend social time with friends unless all members of our household have been taken care of FIRST. The Bible shows us that this is the proper way to do things. Consider this verse:

But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” (I Timothy 5:8).

You may wonder how the “Family First” policy is put into practice. Here are a few examples of how it works at our house:

  1. We pray regularly (together and independently) to see what God’s plan is for our family and to learn how each of us fits into that plan. We know our family will not function effectively without God’s direction.
  2. We give each other our best and not just what is left over after a busy day. If we can offer our boss our finest attitude or give the community group our greatest effort, we can certainly do the same for the family members in our house.
  3. We don’t treat ANYONE else better than we treat each other. If we can patiently listen to a friend’s problem or easily compliment a coworker, we can definitely do the same for the members of our household.
  4. We don’t make major decisions without consulting each other first. When asked to take on any additional responsibilities (at work, church, or in the community), our general response is, “Let me talk to my family about this and get back to you.” When we do this, it allows us to fully explore the request and prevents us from making spur of the moment decisions we may regret later.
  5. We schedule quality time together and rotate activities so everyone gets to do something they enjoy. This fosters an attitude of patience and tolerance while relaying the message that each family member’s likes are important to everyone else.
  6. We frequently ask one another, “How can I help you today?” and follow up with the request. Such questions foster a loving atmosphere and allow each of us to be the recipient of help.

These days, putting family first can be quite challenging because we often are inundated by so many other demands. However, when we ponder what could happen to our family if we don’t (divorce, isolation, resentment, anger, etc), we are encouraged to continue putting our family first. Our family is not perfect, but each day we’re working together to maintain a happy, healthy, Christ centered family.