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Homeschool: Check out this category to find out which curriculum we use and to learn about homeschool activities, resources, tips, and more.

Homemaking: These posts relate to making home a more comfortable space and making the most of your family time. Topics may include gardening and crafts, as well as organizational ideas for various rooms of the home.

Slow Cooker Dishes: I love to use my slow cookers.  (Yes, I have more than one!) You can find a variety of slow cooker recipes here.

Christian Living: Need some encouragement as you live out your Christian faith? Looking for Bible study resources? Check here for posts that can help you do so.

Growing Girls: I am the mother of three great girls. My husband and I are looking to God to give us direction in raising Christ centered girls who use their gifts to glorify Him. Check this category for posts that address topics related to parenting girls.

Taste Tested Tuesday: Several Tuesdays each month, I post a recipe our family loves. Chicken, beef, side dish, and desserts are featured here. New recipes are added regularly.

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